Poll Time

Oh hai, remember me?  I made this poll a while back and thought I would revisit it because 2.0 is out of beta and I’d like to see how everyone stands on the whole tattoo layer thingies.  Even I have jumped on the bandwagon and am using a 2.0 compatible viewer and I have to say, the features are slick.  The UI makes me want to vomit, but luckily viewers like Imprudence take that hideousness away.  Anyoo, I find myself in a total quandary over what to do next in SL.  I love making skins, don’t get me wrong, I’ve become so attached to my particular skins that I’ll never stop making them for myself at least… but I absolutely realize that what works on my shape doesn’t necessarily work well on other avatars and just like I’m attached to my skins others are attached to their favorite brands so I’ve really been wondering about getting into the “Makeup only on a tattoo layer” thing.  My two huge concerns with doing makeup only are:

1) Are enough people using 2.0/compatible viewers?
2) What I’m able to do on a skin doesn’t always translate well to the tattoo layer.  For instance, the more sweeping designs may go over/kinda cover your eyebrows and if you’ve seen my shit you know I’m keen on making some really huge ass eyeshadow stuff.  Also, no lipstick, ever.

Other than those points, I’m all for it if everyone else is on board, especially since it means less uploads for me and less prims to sell stuff which means I can make more stuff and offer a bigger variety.  Anyhoo, if you would be so kind as to take my wee poll and leave me comments and all that jazz, I’d be super appreciative! 😀


2 responses to “Poll Time

  1. Personally, I’d be interested in make-up that is also on a skin in addition to just the tattoo; if it were to be tattoo-only, it would need to be unique. Ya’ can get red lipstick anywhere on just about any skin, ya’ know?

    • I’d really love to be able to go from day to night with the same skin… and let’s also consider that a bruise, runny eyeshadow or a scratch or two fit into this…

      and to be able to do all of this as a consistent look? marvelous.

      Oh, and please put the undertheres on the tattoo layer as well. 🙂

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