Oh hai, remember me?

So in a weird fit of pique, I decided to make some new stuff and re-open my shop. And have a Halloween Dollarbie hunt. And I’m slowly going to finally put junk on the Marketplace… as a contingency for when I inevitably /ragequit and shut my store down again. 😛

Here’s the new stuff! I’m dressing up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween this year so that was basically my inspiration behind most of this stuff.

Halloween Hunt:
Frick - Halloween Hunt

Malady Skins:
Malady - Blush

Alice Skins:
Alice FatPack - Sugar

Alice FatPack - Ghost

Alice FatPack - Blush

Alice FatPack - Cocoa

Alice FatPack - Suntan

Alice Dresses:
Alice in Azure - Ad

Alice in Violet - Ad

Alice in Crimson - Ad


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