Autumn Dollarbie Hunt

Welp, I managed to run out of both time and energy to get out a nice Halloween release this year.  I’m pretty dang disappointed because it’s one of my favorite things to do. 😦

But, it’s not all bad news… I did manage to scrounge up a few things.  First off, I made an old favorite into a tattoo layer eye makeup, it’s L$35 for 5 different colors.  And next up a wee mini Autumn dollarbie hunt.  There are 5 witch hats to hunt for, 1 skin in 4 skin tones and 1 lingerie set.  The skin is using a slightly new face and each one comes with light and dark brow options.  The lingerie set comes with a corset and undies on all layers and there’s also a version for Yabusaka Petites included.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

{Frick} Autumn Dollarbie Hunt

{Frick} - Nemesis Eye Makeup

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