Testing out my skins on the Yabusaka v2 Petite.


Petite Avatar by Yabusaka (Yabusaka Loon)
Hair by /Wasabi Pills/ (MissAllSunday Lemon)
Outfit by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)
Skin & Eyes by me


Happy New Year!

I sent out a little gift to my subscriber group to help ring in the New Year.  My subscriber had a few hiccups so I hope it managed to get out to everyone.  If you are in the group and didn’t receive it, drop by the shop and click the little box next to the unit and you should be able to grab it there.  If you aren’t in the group and would like the gift, hit the subscribe button on the main unit and then click the little box and you should be good to go.  Happy New Year everyone!

Frick - Confetti Skins Group Gift

Black Friday

I finally got a chance to redecorate my shop in a more wintery theme, and just in time for Black Friday. Everything in the shop is 50% off until 12/2, including new releases. In addition, there is a new skin out in 4 skintones for L$ 10. Apologies for the crap quality of the ad, I used not one, not two but three viewers to make these ads. /headdesk

(Btw, stuff on the Marketplace is NOT on sale because I didn’t have a chance to  go change the pricing, sorry!)

Frick - Tango in Blush

Oh hai, remember me?

So in a weird fit of pique, I decided to make some new stuff and re-open my shop. And have a Halloween Dollarbie hunt. And I’m slowly going to finally put junk on the Marketplace… as a contingency for when I inevitably /ragequit and shut my store down again. 😛

Here’s the new stuff! I’m dressing up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween this year so that was basically my inspiration behind most of this stuff.

Halloween Hunt:
Frick - Halloween Hunt

Malady Skins:
Malady - Blush

Alice Skins:
Alice FatPack - Sugar

Alice FatPack - Ghost

Alice FatPack - Blush

Alice FatPack - Cocoa

Alice FatPack - Suntan

Alice Dresses:
Alice in Azure - Ad

Alice in Violet - Ad

Alice in Crimson - Ad

Just a reminder

Friday, April 1st, is the last day {Frick} will be around.  I’m going to tear the whole thing down come Saturday.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported my little contribution to SL over the past years.  I really doubt I would have stuck around as long as I did without all the kind words and encouragement.  You guys are the best! 😀